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Mr. Winter Door Hinges

Cam Lift Hinge W60-1000 Cam Lift Hinge, Walk In Refrigerator or Freezer
Mr. Winter Component Hardware Cam Lift Hinge, Flush Mounting , 10" OA length,
Component Hardware Group # W60-1000, Replaces Standard Keil 9300 Series (no Longer made).
The Component Hardware W60-1000 Cam-Lift Series is a direct replacement ,
Hinge cam is reversible and the hinge will work on a right or left hand hinged door,
now sold under the Kiel Brand name, interchangeable with Kason 1245 Hinge
NRE # 090156 --- Price Per Hinge = US$58.38

Spring Kit - Cam Lift Hinge Power Spring Kit for W60 Series Hinge
Spring Accelerates door closing , increases door pressure , maintains constant gasket pressure, easily installed , Component Hardware # W62-0001 , replaces Std.Keil #2862 when used with a W60 series hinged , can be used right or left , now sold under the Kiel Brand name
NRE 090167 --- Price Per Spring Kit = US$16.37

Bushing Set  Cam Lift Hinge Bushing Set for W60 Series Hinge
Male and female Set Bushing for W60 Series Hinge , Component Hardware Group # W60-Y015 , can be used right or left
NRE # 090164 --- Price Per Bushing set = US$19.50

Mr. Winter Door Latch

Keil W38 Latch W 38 Walk In Latch , no key lock
Component Hardware Group / Keil W38 Series Latch , 11 3/4" length, 3 3/8" high, CHG# W38-1000, will interchange with Kason 56 , comes with strike , Flush Doors
NRE # 090205 --- Price Per Latch = US$178.00

Keil W38 Latch Walk In Latch with key lock
Component Hardware Group / Keil W38-1000-C Series Latch, 11 3/4" length, 3 3/8" high , with key lock, with Strike , flush Doors, interchangeable with Kason 56
NRE # 090201 --- Price Per Latch = US$183.02

Keil W38 Strike Strike Flush to 3/8" Offset
Strike, Catch for Latch Component Hardware Group / Keil W38 Series Strike, 2 15/16" length, 3 3/8" high, 4 screw mount
NRE 090196 ----Price Per Strike = US$44.00

Mr. Winter Pull Handle

 Mr. Winter 1229 Handle Mr. Winter Walk-In Pull Handle
Mr. Winter Kason 1229 Series Door Pull Handle, with lock , Kason 1229-C , 7" mounting hole centers
NRE 090604 --- Price Per Handle = US$183.92

Kason 1239 Handle Walk-In Pull Handle
Kason 1239 Flush Door handle, Kason Pull Handle,
Kason # 1239c , Cylinder Locking, Strike, Lever Turn inside release
NRE 090163 --- Price Per Handle = US$174.00

Kason 1239C-PK Handle Walk-In Pull Handle
Kason 1239 Series Door Pull Handle , w/key lock, strike and Twist Handle Inside release ,
Marked on Inside Kason 1239 (maybe Kason 1238), Flush Doors
NRE 090233 --- Price Per Handle Kit = US$183.85

Kason 1239C-PK Inside Release Kason Twist Release
Kason 1239 Series, Twist Handle / Knob Inside Release , For Kason 1239 (maybe Kason 1238), Flush Doors
NRE 090228 --- Price Per Inside Release Kit = US$81.00

Mr. Winter Door Closer

Door Closer Spring Door Closer
Kason 1095 Series, Door Closer concealed mounting plate , Flush , Door Closer with hook , Kason # 1095
NRE 090312 --- Price Per Door Closer = US$124.90

Hook, Door Closer Mr. Winter Hook Only
Mr. Winter Hook only, Kason 1094 Series, Flush Door Hook Only , Kason # 1094-000025 , 1094-000026
NRE 090304 --- Price Per Door Hook = US$27.13

Hook, Door Closer Mr. Winter Hook Only
Hook only, Kason 1094 Series, 1 1/8" Offset Door Hook only, Kason # 1094-000027, 1094-000029
NRE 090307 --- Price Per Door Hook = US$35.38

Mr. Winter Door Heaters

Mr. Winter Light Globes and Guards

Wire Guard Wire Guard for Light
Wire Guard For Glass or Plastic Globes, 7 1/4" High x 3 7/8" Wide, Snap on Style, Will fit Standard Light fixture Base
NRE # 090011 --- Price Per Guard = US$14.74

Globe, Light Globe, Light
Glass Globe, 3-1/4" DIA. x 6-3/4" LONG , Will fit Standard Light fixture Base
NRE 090012 --- Price Per Guard = US$14.74

Plastic Light GlobeMr.Winter Plastic Light Globe
Plastic Light Globe, Replacement , Light Cover for Walk in light, Plastic , Flat top , screw in
NRE 054454 --- Price Per Globe = US$15.90

Mr. Winter Walk In Refrigerator, Freezer, Cooler Drag Sweep Gasket

Walk In Door Sweep Mr.Winter Door Sweep
Mr.Winter Door Sweep, This is a replacement door sweep , 2.25" Tall OA x 1/2" sweep x 39" Long
, Screw to Bottom Door Face , This sweep can be cut to fit for smaller doors
NRE # 055808 --- Price Per Door Sweep = US$41.00

Mr. Winter Walk In Refrigerator, Freezer, Cooler Door Gasket

Mr. Winter Door GasketMr. Winter Door Gasket
Mr. Winter Door Gasket , 35 1/2" x 79 1/2" , 3 sided , magnetic,Right hand or Left Hand Hinge ,
This would be for a 36" wide door, The Long side on 3 sided gaskets can be cut to fit ,
NRE # 053407 --- Price Per Door Gasket = US$73.92
 How to measure Door Gasket

Mr.Winter Walk In Switch Mr.Winter Light Switch w/ neon light
Brown Walk IN Door Switch, Red light on/off, SPST, 4screws, 15A/125V , 3 3/8" Ctr
NRE # 034404 --- Price Per Switch = US$39.86

Mr.Winter Snap In Socket

Mr.Winter Porcelain Socket (bulb)
Mr.Winter Snap In Socket , 125 volt , PORCELAIN SOCKET, SNAP-IN MOUNT ,
this is the socket for screw in style light bulbs, this is for the light fixtures with screw in Globes
NRE # 120134 --- Price Per Socket = US$10.90

Refrigerator Thermometer Refrigerator Thermometer
Freezer/Refrigerator Thermometer, 2 Pack, Tube Style, Range -20 to 80 F, Has both F & C markings, with hanging clip and suction cup
NRE # 020806 --- Price Per Thermometer = US$3.88

Refrigerator Thermometer Refrigerator Thermometer
Freezer/Refrigerator Thermometer, NSF 2" Diameter Dial Face, Dual Temp display (F & C),
Temperature Range -20 to 70 F, Built in hanging hook and standing Panel
NRE # 020813 --- Price Per Thermometer = US$3.39

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