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Cres Cor Warmers and Ovens OEM Parts, Latches, Gasket, Cord , Temperature Control, Thermostat, Fan Motor, Caster, Cres Cor Hinges, Switch, Timers, Light

Latchhas changed to thisLatch>Cres Cor Latch and Strike
Cres-Cor Latch and Strike, 1006-108-K1, (old# 1006-86-1, 1006-84, 1006-83, 1006-86, 1006-112
O'Mordha 032806 -- Price Per Latch = US$160.55

Thermostat O'Mordha Solid State Thermostat
Cres Cor Thermostat, 6216-22 , 848-008ACK , SOLID STATE, W/ PROBE & WIRE LEADS.
O'Mordha 032818 --- Price Per Thermostat = US$399.92

Knob Thermostat Cres Cor Knob for Solid State Thermostat
O'Mordha 032819 --- Price Per Knob = US$19.93

Cres Cor Temperature Control Cres Cor Temperature Control Board Kit
Cres Cor Thermostat, 848-057-K3 (old Number 0848-057) For Cres Cor Model HU-18-671 (46-AC, 61-AC, 80-AC), 0671-105
O'Mordha 032810 --- Price Per Temperature Control = US$924.67

Cres Cor Timer Cres Cor Timer Kit
Cres Cor Timer, 849-009-K (old Number 0849-079-K) For Cres Cor Model: all 240 volt units, 240V, 18HR, ROUND TIMER, W/KNOB,DIAL PLATE & HARDWARE, POST MOUNT, D STEM,
O'Mordha 032825 --- Price Per Timer = US$388.72

Cres Cor Timer Cres Cor Timer Kit
Cres Cor Timer, 849-008-K (old Number 0849-080-K, 6215) For Cres Cor Model# all 120 volt units, 18HR, W/ KNOB, DIAL PLATE & HARDWARE, 3 SCREW MOUNT, D STEM,
O'Mordha 032826 --- Price Per Timer = US$262.79

Cres Cor Thermostat Cres Cor Mechanical Thermostat
Cres Cor thermostat, 6216-1 / 848-62k , ELECTRIC THERMOSTAT, SELCO, TEMP 0-250 F, 20 AMP, 120/240V, 3/16" x 8" SS BULB, 24" CAP, 3/16" D-STEM FLAT UP, VERT MOUNT,
O'Mordha 032807 --- Price Per Thermostat = US$206.30

Cres Cor Warmer Proofer Heater Heat Elements

Cres Cor Reservoir Heater Cres Cor Reservoir Element
Cres Cor Reservoir Heater, 6126-4 , 811-005-K, 120v 1000watts , Cres Cor 120 & 121 Series Proofers, WARMER ELEMENT, 120V 1000W 1PH , 14" X 2-1/4" , TERMINALS {SCREW 8-32 }
O'Mordha 032805 --- Price Per Element = US$136.62

Cres Cor Heater Cres Cor Hot Cabinet Element
Cres Cor WARMER ELEMENT 6126-2 , 811-19K, 120v 1470watts , Cres Cor H133 Series , 120V 1470W 1PH , 14-1/2" X 6" , TERMINALS {SCREW 10-32 }
O'Mordha 032827 --- Price Per Element = US$162.18

Cres Cor Heater Cres Cor Insulated Walls & Base Element
Cres Cor Heat Element, 811-066K , 120v 300watts , For Cres Cor Models: H339 - (124, 127, 128, 128-3, 188, 188-3, 188PT, 1813, UA-8), H-349, H-2339, H-8311-22, IFW-69-STH-2, IFW-80-STH-2
O'Mordha 038803 --- Price Per Element = US$252.27

 Cres Cor Heater Cres Cor Heat Element
Cres Cor Heat Element, Cres Cor 811-022-K /old Cres Cor 6126-027 , 120v 2000watts , Cres Cor H-135-ap-8, H-138-CDD-1834, HU-18-671 - (5, 11, 46-AC, 61-AC, 67) HU-18-1254-(27, 41) SERIES: 130, 131, H-137; OVENS SERIES: CXO-(140, 141, 141M, 142) - Dim:14 3/4" x 6 1/4" x 3 3/4"
O'Mordha 032804 --- Price Per Element = US$138.45

Cres Cor heater Cres Cor Heat Element
Cres Cor Heat Element, Cre Cor 811-023-K /old # 6126-034 , 240v 2000watts , H-135-ap-8, H-138-CDD-1834 (1834-SH), HU-18-671-(6, 12, 25-C, 34D, 68) HU-18-1254-(28, 42) SERIES: 130, 131, H-137; OVENS SERIES: CXO-(140, 141, 141M, 142) - Dim:14 3/4" x 6 1/4" x 3 3/4"
O'Mordha 032828 --- Price Per Element = US$160.49

Cres Cor Heater Cres Cor Heat Element
Cres Cor Heat Element, Cres Cor 811-214-K , 120v 960watts, For Cres Cor PHU 1874735, PHU 1874744
O'Mordha 032808 -- Price Per Element = US$119.30

Cres Cor Heater Cres Cor Auxillary Air Heater
Cres Cor Auxillary Air Heater, Cres Cor 811-229K , 120v 900watts , For Cres Cor PHU 1874718
O'Mordha 032829 --- Price Per Heater = US$168.32

 Cres Cor Thermometer Cres Cor Thermometer
Cres Cor Thermometer, Cres Cor 5238-030-K , Analog SIZE 2" DIA FACE, 3" FLANGE, [RANGE 20-220F] MOUNT U CLAMP [CAP 24"] BULB 7/16" X 2-1/2"
O'Mordha 032834 --- Price Per Thermometer = US$150.48

Cres Cor Power switches and lights

Cres Cor Power Switch Cres Cor Lighted Switch Kit 20 amp
Cres Cor Power Switch, Cres Cor 0808-113-K , Cres Cor Md H339-
O'Mordha 032814 --- Price Per Switch = US$99.56

O'Mordha 032833 Cres Cor Power Switch -Rocker Black
Cres Cor 0808-116-K (old 0808-116) Md PHU-18-747, (35, 36) Cres Cor Series: 120-CR, 129-005, 121-CR, H137, H339 (124, 127, 128, 188, 188-PT, 1813, UA-8) - -Price Per Switch = US$17.65

O'Mordha 032835 O'Mordha Power Light --- Cres Cor 0766-094 - Price Per Light = US$10.39

Cres Cor Power Switch Cres Cor Power Switch
Cres Cor Power Switch, Ref # 0808-117K, ROCKER SWITCH , FITS HOLE 7/8" X 1-1/2" , ON/ON , DPDT , TERMINALS 6 (1/4" TABS) , AMP/VOLT 20A/125-277V , COLOR BLACK ,1.5HP-125V, 2HP-250V
O'Mordha 032838 --- Price Per Switch = US$19.10

Cres Cor Blower Motors

Cres Cor Blower Motor Cres Cor Blower Motor
115 volts Right Hand - Cres Cor 0769-005-K (old 6227)- Cres Cor Md # H135-AP-8, H-138-CDD-1834, HJ-531, HJR-531, HT-20A, HU-18-671-(5, 11, 67), HU-18-1254-(27, 41), PHU-18-747-35; SERIES: 120-CR, 121-CR, 130, 131, H-137(W), H-138(W), H-175, H-186
O'Mordha 032817 --- Price Per Blower Motor = US$288.99

Cres Cor Blower Motor O'Mordha 032832 Cres Cor Blower Motor
--- 230 volt Right Hand - Cres Cor 0769-182-K1 (0769-006-K1) (old 6227-001, 7019)- Cres Cor Model CXC-4935, H135-AP-8, H-138-CDD-1834 (-SH), HJ-53-113-180-X-WK, HJ-531, HJR-531, HT-2040, HU-18-671-(6, 12, 25C, 34D, 68), HU-18-1254-(28, 42), PHU-18-747-36, CCB120A-240; Cres Cor SERIES: 120-CR, 121-CR, 130, 131, H-137,
O'Mordha 032832 --- Price Per Blower Motor = US$383.75

Cres Cor Blower Motor Cres Cor Blower Motor
Cres Cor Blower Motor, 115 volt Left Hand , Cres Cor 0769-093 , For Cres Cor Models: KFCTM-671- (78, 79) & All 115 volt units with dual motors,
O'Mordha 032830 --- Price Per Blower Motor = US$255.44

Cres Cor Blower Motor Cres Cor Blower Motor
Cres Cor Blower Motor, 230 volt Left Hand , Cres Cor 0769-069-K (old# 7019-001), For Models: CXC-4935, H-137-CDD-UA12HH, H-138-CDD-1834-SH, HT-2040, HU-18-671-(25-C, 34D, 46-AC, 61-AC) Series:CXO-(140,141,141M,142)
O'Mordha 032831 --- Price Per Blower Motor = US$371.39

Cres Cor Hinge Kit Cres Cor Hinge Kit - Right
Cres Cor Hinge Kit , 1246-011
O'Mordha 032816 --- Price Per Hinge Kit = US$64.69

Cres Cor Hinge Cres Cor Hinge Kit - Right
Cres Cor Hinge, 0519-023K ( Old# 6507) , Cres Cor Model 137-CDD, H339-188, H339-188-PT, 141 FSS
O'Mordha 032821 --- Price Per Hinge = US$168.02

Cres Cor Hinge Cres Cor Hinge
Cres Cor Hinge, 0519-087-K , Cres Cor Md # H137B, H138B Series , Single Hinge R50-2850-SPO
O'Mordha 090181 --- Price Per Hinge = US$26.00

Crescor Fuse Holder Cres Cor Fuse Holder - - - Crescor Ref 0807-048-
O'Mordha 051855 ---Price Per Holder = US$20.72

Cres Cor Water Pans -Reservoir Pans -Containers

Crescor Reservoir Pan Cres Cor Reservoir Pan - - - Cres Cor Old# 1017-097 -- Crescor Ref 1019-002 - Allow 10 working days after payment to ship
O'Mordha 032809 ---Price Per Pan = US$96.82

Crescor Reservoir Heater Cres Cor Reservoir Heater
- - - Crescor Ref 0811-285 - Allow 10 working days after payment to ship
O'Mordha 032836 ---Price Per Heater = US$114.90

Cres Cor Light Cres Cor Light - - - Crescor Ref 0766-093
O'Mordha 032837 ---Price Per Light = US$18.86

Cres Cor Water Pan Cres Cor Water Pan
HUMIDITY PAN W/ COVER, 7 1/2" W X 11 1/4" L X 2 1/2" Deep , CRES-COR FOOD WARMER H133, H138, H302, 140 SERIES, EXCEPT 141, Crescor Ref 1017-001-03
O'Mordha 032842 --- Price Per Pan = US$110.00

Cres Cor Switch Cres Cor Switch
- --Cres Cor Ref 0808-117 - Allow 10 working days after payment to ship
O'Mordha 032838 ---Price Per Switch = US$69.05

Cres Cor Cord Set Cres Cor Cord Set
--- 15a 125v -6 ft - -Cres Cor Ref 0810-031-1 - CORD SET NEMA L5-15R 90 DEG TWISTLOCK ON ONE END, 90 DEG 115V MALE CAP ON THE OTHER, 15A 125V, 14/3 AWG, SJTO , 105 DEG C, 6 FT -- For Ref : CRES-COR R171, HJ, HJR, H339, 133, 1939 HU AND PROOFER SERIES
O'MORDHA # 032802 ---Price Per Cord Set = US$99.92

Cres Cor Cord Set Cres Cor Cord Set
--- -20a 125v 6ft - - -Cres-Cor Ref 0810-065-1 - CORD SET, 6 FT OVERALL, TYPE ST, 12/3 AWG, 105 DEG C, 125V, 20 AMP -- NEMA # 5-20P, LOOKING AT PLUG WITH GROUND UP, LEFT PRONG -- HORIZONTAL, RIGHT PRONG VERTICLE -- CRES-COR
O'MORDHA # 032801 ---Price Per Cord Set = US$66.20

Hubbel Twist Lock Male Receptacle Hubbel Twist Lock Male Receptacle --- Cres Cor - HUBBLE 3 WIRE TWIST & LOCK PLUG 1 PHASE 15 AMP, 250V, NEMA # L6-15P -- Does not match #030802 Above
O'MORDHA # 032839 ---Price Per Receptacle = US$56.60

Hubbel Twist Lock Male Receptacle Hubbel Twist Lock Male Receptacle
--- -HUBBLE 3 WIRE TWIST & LOCK PLUG 1 PHASE 15 AMP, 120V, NEMA # L5-15P -- used with #030802
O'MORDHA # 032841 ---Price Per Receptacle = US$67.47

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