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SHIPPING CHARGE: Flat Rate Shipping , see rates and limitations at the bottom of the page

If you do not find the part you need, just send us a picture of the part you need and any info you have and we will ID the part and get back to you with a price and shipping time

Equipment Items are not always in stock, and will ship from factory if not on hand. Please check with us (email link above) if you have time requirements. Normal shipping time is 24 hours after payment !.

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Slicers, Wedgers, Dicers, Peelers, Frycutters, Spiral Cutters, Cheese Blocker always on Sale, Will Ship International

Nemco Easy Vegetable Chopper

Easy Chopper
Easy Chopper
Easy Chopper is the orginal, most effective answer for fast, easy, efficient chopping. Comfortable, weighted handle does most of the work for you to cut cleanly in one stroke.
Super-sharp, stainless steel , interchangeable cutting grids let you perform six operations with one machine, including four-,six- and eight section wedging.
Built for years of reliable performance.
Use for fast, easy chopping, cutting and dicing of onions,tomatoes, potatoes,celery,peppers, and other firm vegetables. Perfect for salsa and pizza toppings.
Each Chopper comes with one size blade assy. Other sizes can be purchased separately
NSF listed-
-Shipping weight 7 lbs
O'Mordha #005254-- 1/4" Nemco # 55500-1 - Price Per Chopper = US$193.76
O'Mordha #005253 --3/8" Nemco # 55500-2 - Price Per Chopper = US$193.76
O'Mordha #005252 --1/2" Complete Chopper -- Nemco # 55500-3 - Price Per Chopper = US$193.76
#200000-- 1" Nemco # 55500-4- - Price Per Chopper = US$193.76

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Nemco Easy Chopper II™

Easy Chopper II

Get the speed, efficiency and convenience of the Easy Chopper in a mightier model specially designed for your BIG veggies! Its large 4 1/4"-square cutting area saves you labor by minimizing the need to precut foods into smaller portions. Best of all, the easily interchangeable blade assemblies allow you to chop, slice and dice in a variety of cut sizes with flawless consistency for beautiful presentation and economical portion control. Built to last in the toughest commercial environment. Key Features: Labor Saving, Time Saving (once peeled can chop an onion in less than 5 seconds), Consistent cut size for portion control, Versatile (1/4", 3/8", 1/2", chopper or 1/4", 3/8", 1/2" slicer), 4 1/4" square cutting area (almost 50% more than original Easy Chopper), Chopper and slicer blade & holder assembly easily interchageable, A 1/3 size 2" deep food pan and a 2 qt. round container fits underneath the Easy Chopper II

CHOP units have this style blades Dicer Blades

Slice units have this style bladesDicer Blades

1/4" and 1/2" Chop and Slice Chopper use the same pusher head, to change between slice and chop just change the blade assy.

1/4" Chop - Nemco # 56500-1 - O'Mordha 200000 --- Price Per Chopper = US$236.64

3/8" Chop - Nemco # 56500-2 - O'Mordha #005255 --- Price Per Chopper = US$236.64

1/2" Chop Blades - Nemco # 56500-3 - O'Mordha 200000--- Price Per Chopper = US$236.64

1/4" Slice Blades - Nemco # 56500-5 - O'Mordha 005256--- Price Per Chopper = US$236.64

3/8" Slice Blades - Nemco # 56500-6 - O'Mordha 200000--- Price Per Chopper = US$236.64

1/2" Slice Blades - Nemco # 56500-7 - O'Mordha 200000--- Price Per Chopper = US$236.64

6 Section Wedge Blade - Nemco # 56727-6W - O'Mordha 200000--- Price Per Chopper = US$176.40

8 Section Wedge Blade - Nemco # 56727-8W - O'Mordha 200000--- Price Per Chopper = US$176.40

1/4" Chop Blades with Holder, Only - Nemco # 56424-1 - O'Mordha 060146--- Price Per Blade and Holder = US$124.50

1/4" Slice Blades with Holder, Only - Nemco # 56424-7 - O'Mordha 060147--- Price Per Blade and Holder = US$106.50

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Nemco Easy Tomato Slicer

Tomato SLicer

Tomato Slicers ship direct from the factory- normal shipping time is two (work) days after payment.
Easy Tomato Slicer
Saves time and Labor
Protective guards improve users comfort and safety
Compact size saves space
Razor sharp,stainless steel blades
Unique design assures blade and pusher alignment
Sturdy push block-removes easily for cleaning
NSF listed-
Dim; 8" h - 15" L - 8" w-Shipping weight 10 lbs, replacement parts are less expensive for this unit than for Tomato Witch, Insta Slice, Tomato King and Tomato Pro.

O'Mordha 005243 -- 3/16" Slice - Nemco 55600-1 - Price Per Slicer = US$209.00

O'Mordha 005242--- 1/4" Slice - Nemco 55600-2 - Price Per Slicer = US$209.00

#200000 --- 3/8" Slice - Nemco 55600-3 - Price Per Slicer = US$209.00

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Nemco Easy Tomato Slicer II

Nemco Tomato Slicer

Tomato Slicers ship direct from the factory- normal shipping time is two (work) days after payment.

Compact, efficient, easy to use and even easier to maintain, the new Easy Tomato Slicer II with its pretensioned cartridge blade assembly is safer and more convenient than ever. The newly designed blade set stays properly aligned and tightened without the need to adjust it. The Easy Tomato Slicer II has an ergonomic handle, Microban slide board, hand guards, self-lubricating track, rubber feet and a table stop like its predecessor, the Easy Tomato Slicer, a staple in food service kitchens. Accommodates a larger tomato than the original Easy Tomato Slicer™.
Key Features: Nemco makes the best cartridge tomato slicer!, Labor & Time saving, Cleanly slices even over-ripe tomatoes, Consistent cut size for portion control, Easily replaceable cartridge blade assembly, Compact, portable and simple to use, Smallest footprint, 3/16” & 1/4” cut sizes available, Accommodates a 4 ˝” diameter tomato, Life test of 25,000 lbs of tomatoes & still cutting

O'Mordha 005241 --- 3/16" Slice Nemco 56600-1- - Price Per Slicer = US$296.80

#200000 --- 1/4" Slice Nemco 56600-2 - - Price Per Slicer = US$296.80

#200000--- 3/8" Slice Nemco 56600-3 - - Price Per Slicer = US$296.80

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Nemco Easy Fry Cutter

Nemco Easy Fry Cutter
Nemco Easy Fry Kutter
--- Saves time and Labor
Exclusive short throw handle travels half the distance of other units, reducing fatigue and increasing production
Compact size saves space
Razor sharp,stainless steel blades
Wall or Countertop operation
fits the same mounting holes as most other machines, no need to drill new holes
linkage engineered with superior thrust ratio so one smooth, easy pull delivers plenty of pressure to cut potatoes and other vegetables,
Click Here for spec sheet
NSF listed-
Dim; 10" h - 20" L - 9" w-Shipping weight 12 lbs

O'Mordha 005272 --- 1/4" French Fry - Nemco 55450-1 Price Per Fry Cutter = US$239.00

O'Mordha 005270 --3/8" Frency Fry - Nemco 55450-2 - Price Per Fry Cutter = US$239.00

O'Mordha 005276 --- 1/2" French Fry - Nemco 55450-3 Price Per Fry Cutter = $239.00

Nemco Easy Potato Wedger Kit for Easy Fry Cutter

200000 - Nemco 4 section Wedge kit - Nemco 55450-4 -- Price Per Wedge Kit = US$96.32

200000 -Nemco 6 section Wedge Kit - Nemco 55450-6 - - Price Per Wedge Kit = US$96.32

200000 Nemco 8 section Wedge Kit - Nemco 55450-8 -- Price Per Wedge Kit = US$96.32

Nemco Easy Flowering Onion Cutter

Flowering Onion Cutter
Nemco Easy Flowering Onion Cutter
--- Now it's easy to serve one of the most profitable, great tasting appetizers ever.
Sturdy,all-metal construction for long life
Dishwasher Safe
Razor sharp,stainless steel blades
Easily Dis assembled
NSF listed
Comes with core remover
Small onion adapter available
Dim; 17" h - 11 1/4" Depth - 13 1/2" wide-Shipping weight 20lbs
O'Mordha 005268---Nemco 55700 --- Price Per Onion Cutter = US$428.40

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Nemco Onion Core Cutter
--- Large 2 3/4" Dia -- Nemco 55513
O'Mordha 200000--- Price Per Cutter = US$36.00
Nemco Onion Core Cutter
--- Small 1 3/4" Dia -- Nemco 55527
O'Mordha 200000--- Price Per Core Cutter = US$36.00

Nemco Easy Onion Slicer II

Onion Kut

Takes EASY to a whole new level...Because a factory-pretensioned blade set NEVER, EVER, needs tightening! Thanks to a NEW Pretensioned blade cartridge, even your most inexperienced employees can easily change the blades. No wrenches required. Plus, they’ll save time and slice with impeccable consistency. Just like its predecessor, the Easy Onion Slicer II features stainless steel blades and commercial grade aluminum construction for lasting durability. Process up to a 4-inch diameter onion. Key Features This is the one that works! Labor Time Saving Pre-tensioned blade set NEVER needs tensioned Consistent cut size for portion control Offered in 3/16”, 1/4”, 3/8” and 1/2” cuts Cuts up to 4" diameter colossal onions Sturdy aluminum construction, stainless steel pretensioned blades Compact, portable and simple to use Two tiers of scalloped pre-tensioned blades for consistent slice thickness Cuts a wide variety of fruits and vegetables

O'Mordha 005244------Nemco 3/16"" Onion Slicer II - Nemco 56750-1 - - Price Per Onion Slicer = US$406.00
O'Mordha 005245 --Nemco 1/4" Onion Slice II -Nemco # 56750-2 - - Price Per Onion Slicer = US$385.28
O'Mordha 005246 ---Nemco 3/8" Onion Slice II - Nemco # 56750-3 - - Price Per Onion Slicer = US$385.28
O'Mordha 005247 -- 1/2" Onion Slice II - Nemco # 56750-4 - - Price Per Onion Slicer = US$385.28

Nemco Easy Lettuce Slicer

Lettuce Slicer
Nemco Easy LettuceKutter
--- Saves time and Labor and cuts mounds of crisp, fresh lettuce in seconds
Precision Stainless steel blades stay sharp
Clean silcing action of the stainless steel scalloped blades prevents crushing and bruising to extend life of cut lettuce, Blades are indiviually repleaceable.
Sturdy base with four legs and non skid feet

NSF listed-
Dim; 20" h - 18" D - 13" w-Shipping weight 22 lbs

O'Mordha 005265--- 1/2" Slices -Nemco # 55650-1 - - Price Per Lettuce Slicer = US$478.24

O'Mordha 005266--- 1" x 1" square Slices Nemco # 55650 - Price Per Lettuce Slicer = US$409.92

O'Mordha 005267 --- 1'x 2" Slices - for Romaine Lettuce - Nemco # 55650-2 --- Price Per Lettuce Slicer = US$449.68

O'Mordha 005265 --- for 1/2" x 1/2" Squares - Nemco # 55650-3 --- Price Per Lettuce Slicer = US$438.24

O'Mordha 005264 --- for 3/8" slices - Nemco # 55650-CS - Great for Chicken -- Price Per Lettuce Slicer = US$498.40

Nemco Easy Wedger

Easy Wedger
Nemco Easy Wedger
--- Saves time and Labor and cuts perfect wedges every time
Precision Stainless steel blades stay sharp -cut cleanly with one easy stroke
Use the versatile Easy Wedger for lemons, oranges, tomatoes, limes, pickles, potatoes, cucumbers & zucchini
Sturdy base with four legs and non skid feet
Comes in three wedge sizes, 4 cut, 6 cut, & 8 cut and a apple wedger/corer
NSF listed-
Dim; 18" h - 8" D - 8" w-Shipping weight 8 lbs

O'Mordha 005248 4 cut Easy Wedger - Nemco # 55550-4 - - Price Per Easy Wedger = US$134.40

O'Mordha 005249 6 cut Easy Wedger - Nemco # 55550-6 - - Price Per Easy Wedger = US$134.40

O'Mordha 005250 8 cut Easy Wedger - Nemco # 55550-8 - - Price Per Easy Wedger = US$134.40

#200000 10 cut Easy Wedger - Nemco # 55550-10 - - Price Per Easy Wedger = US$134.40

O'Mordha 005251 8 cut Apple Wedger and corer - Nemco # 55550-8C -- Price Per Easy Wedger = US$161.28

Nemco Easy Spiral Fry Cutter

--- Saves time and Labor
Versatile mounting -on any flat surface in either of two directions, Easily disassembled for routine service/cleaning, NSF listed, preset drive depth prevents contact of potato holder with cutting blade, easy action screw drive automatically releases at end of stroke to retract for fast reloading of potato holder, length with potato holder fully retracted 22", width overall 5.5" Height (max) 9" at blade cutter end, slide mount 3 1/4" long, 3" wide, weight 4 lbs, shipping weight 5 lbs

O'Mordha 005264-- Spiral Fry - Nemco # 55050AN - - Price Per Sprial Fry Cutter = US$269.28
O'Mordha 005269--Nemco Easy Ribbon Fry Cutter - For ribbon fries - cuts potato in flat ribbon style - great for events - Nemco # 55050AN-R - - Price Per Ribbon Cutter = US$269.28

Nemco Easy Cheese Blocker

Easy Cheese Blocker
Nemco Easy Cheese Blocker
Saves time and Labor
Cut cheese blocks down to size in seconds for more manageable cubing, slicing and shredding. Sturdy,all-stainless steel construction and rigid cutting bow assure straight, even cuts plus long life. Calibrated, notched, 1/2-inch cutting guide helps to improve consistency and reduce waste. Stainless steel cutting wire is easily replaced. Process 40 -pound cheese blocks, 35 -pound cheese wheels or smaller
NSF listed-
-Shipping weight 11 lbs
O'Mordha 005274-- Easy Cheese Blocker - Price Per Blocker = US$269.12
#200000 Cutting Bow - Replacement - Price Per Bow = US$108.50
O'Mordha 060250 Cutting Wire (pack of 3) - Price Per Pack = US$28.00

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Flat rate shipping

UPS Ground (Domestic) (up to 30 lbs Box):
$.01 to $45.00 = $9.00
$45.01 to $100.00 = $10.00
$100.01 to $200.00 = $11.00
$200.01 up = $12.00
Shipments over 30 lbs, Air Shipments, International Shipments and Motor Freight , please call for shipping cost

US Mail Priority (Domestic) (up to 6 Lbs/Box) :
$.01 to $45.00 = $9.00
$45.01 to $90.00 = $10.00
$90.01 to $200.00 = $ 11.00
$200.01 to $400.00 =$12.00
Shipments over 6 lbs, Air Shipments, International Shipments and Motor Freight , please call for shipping cost

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